Milestone. No mileage number surviving, ?mile III´. 
Inscribed on the shaft. 
No description. 
A.D. 237. (titulature) 
Coast Road: Oea-Lepcis Magna: Wadi et-Tualeb. 2 km. East North East of Ras el-Mergheb. 
Original Location:
Last recorded location:
Lepcis Museum.  
Aurigemma, Rivista della Tripolitania (Rivista a cura dell'Ufficio di Colonizzazione del Governo della Tripolitania), 2 vols., Roma, 1924-5; a third vol., under the title Libya, published for the Ministero delle Colonie, was issued in 1927, II:10 ft.; L'Année Epigraphique (Revue des Publications épigraphiques relatives à l'Antiquité romaine: annual supplement to Rev. Arch.), 1926:138; R. G. Goodchild, The Roman Roads and Milestones of Tripolitania (Discoveries and Researches in 1947). Published by the Department of Antiquities, British Military Administration Tripolitania, 1948 (being vol. I of Reports and Monographs), 10, no.3. This edition taken from J. M. Reynolds and J. B. Ward-Perkins, The Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania, Rome: British School at Rome, 1952.  
Text constituted from:
Previous publications and transcription, by Goodchild. 

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Ward-Perkins Archive, BSR
 Ward-Perkins Archive, BSR

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