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The production of an online second edition of IRT, with full illustration, was first suggested to the British School by Michael Greenhalgh (Australian National University), who produced a prototype version. A subsequent version was developed on the basis of his work by a BSR team assembled by Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, the Director; this included Raphael Helman, Sophy Downes, Raphael Cormack, and Jo Wallace-Hadrill, who together prepared the whole text in electronic form. Over the same period, however, it it was becoming clear that the new schema of EpiDoc XML (developed by Tom Elliott) would give greater functionality and long-term sustainability. The present version has been made possible by funding from JISC, through the Concordia project: see http://concordia.atlantides.org/, working with the Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica project (funded by the Leverhulme Trust).

The provision of full illustration was made possible by grants from the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge, and private benefactors. Geographical data have been developed by Hafed Walda, working with the Pleiades project at New York University.

The basic materials and a great deal of support were all provided by our colleagues at the British School at Rome: Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Valerie Scott (the Librarian), and her assistant, Alessandra Giovenco.

The work itself has been carried out at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities at King's College London, with essential technical development from Eleonora Litta Modignani Picozzi, José Miguel Vieira and Raffaele Viglianti. It could only have been completed thanks to an energetic team of collaborators: Valentina Asciutti, Caroline Barron, Pietro Liuzzo, Maggie Robb, Charlotte Tupman and Nora Unger.