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  • Joyce Reynolds (Cambridge), as one of the original authors, has supported the project, and is providing new English translations

Principal researchers

  • Gabriel Bodard: Epigraphy researcher
  • Charlotte Roueché: Project manager
  • Hafed Walda: Archaeology and location researcher

Epigraphic Team

  • Valentina Asciutti: epigraphy researcher
  • Caroline Barron: epigraphy researcher
  • Pietro Liuzzo: transcription and epigraphy research (intern)
  • Maggie Robb: epigraphy researcher
  • Charlotte Tupman: epigraphy researcher
  • Nora Unger: transcription and epigraphy research (intern)

Current Project Team

  • Zaneta Au: web application development
  • John Bradley: database design advice
  • Eleonora Durban Litta Modignani Picozzi: XML analyst
  • Paul Vetch: interface development
  • José Miguel Vieira: web application development
  • Raffaele Viglianti: XML development

British School at Rome

  • Alessandra Giovenco (Library assistant)
  • Valerie Scott (Librarian)
  • Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (Director)